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Talmid is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on July 18, 2008. He currently has the rank Cowboy, 12,527 posts, and 4,872 likes received. He mainly posts in the LEGO Friends and Classics Forums.


  • Before it was deleted, Talmid mainly posted in the LEGO Universe Forum, where he was known for writing stories.
  • He was active in the Friends and Racers forums. 
  • He had a LEGO Universe Free-to-Play character called "IntrepidFusionEclipse."
  • He has an ongoing series on the Gallery called "Talmid Show" about an adventure similar to Star Trek in which he battles villans such as Thedude7500 and the LEGO friends.
  • Along with lukey3449 and thingguy2, he helped found the Knights of the Olde Speech in the LEGO Universe Forum.
  • He used to be very active in the Car Debating Society, until the topic was locked because the racers theme had ended.
  • Talmid posts almost daily in bubseylegoguy's "Olivia's House HQ".

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