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TheHarleyQuinn (also known as Harley or THQ) is a user with no rank who joined the LEGO Message Boards on December 13, 2011. She has no rank, 258 posts, and 1 like received. Harley was active in the LEGO Universe Forum, Community Chat Forum, and LEGO Superheroes Forum. Harley began a story called "The Void" in the Stories of LEGO Universe subforum, but cancelled it soon after.


  • TheHarleyQuinn is the sister of AwesomeMe44 (who changed his name to TheNightwing44).
  • She was one of the few users who suffered the Texture Glitch.
  • Before making the account, Harley was on the LEGO Message Boards under a different name (nicknamed the "Mystery User") who gave riddles to everyone and played tricks on many. However, she got bored of the other account as people began to unravel who she was, so she made TheHarleyQuinn as her new account.

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