The Brickboys







The Brickboys was the first band on the LEGO Message Boards. It was started by Kit-Fisto7. They began by writing lyrics to go with their My LEGO Network soundtrack modules before moving on to "write" their own music. Their biggest hit was "Cup 'o Tea", a Newsboys parody.

New Brickboys

The band was brought back in the form of the New Brickboys, by Agentlevi jesusrocks, who was the lead singer and leader of the band, in early 2011. The guitarists were Rock-o-Ages and TaliaX177, the bassist was Got Griffin, and Genralaustin played drums and percussion.

Brickboys REVIVED

The Brickboys were brought back by K9unit13 in early August 2011 as a tribute to all the original members of the New Brickboys. Rock-o-Ages, TaliaX177, and Genralaustin retained their original positions, while JohnnyNeutron joined as a DJ.

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