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The LEGO Time
All Bloks Must Pass (Saying No To MegaBloks) AKA Studless
The Brick Road
Exile On Fake St.

The Rolling Studs was a very popular MLN Band which had three line-ups. It was the famous MLN band user Wiktorsz's first, and probably the most popular band he made. Possible exceptions were TIAS and Whitebrick, but those were both co-made with Masterofthemetal11. It was a parody of The Rolling Stones.



Wiktorsz - Leader/keyboardist

Gbg1101 - Co-leader/lead guitarist

Ninja05501 - Rhythm guitarist

The 1 line-up was created when Wiktorsz quit the bands Brick-It! and Stud Stars, because of a misunderstanding. He became the leader and keyboardist. He also played keyboard bass and used a drum machine, as well as instruments such as sitar and acoustic guitar. Gbg1101 was the first to join. He became the co-leader and lead guitarist. Ninja05501 became the rhythm guitarist. The 1 line-up was surprisingly popular, since they only released three studio albums, one compilation album and no singles. Their most well-known song, The LEGO Time, took 3 place in a lyric contest.


Wiktorsz - Bass

Gbg1101 - Lead Guitar

Zillafan1998 - Rhythm Guitar

Kitty309257 - Keyboard

Graeme0102 - Drums

The second line-up was created when Ninja05501 went inactive. It consisted of Wiktorsz on bass, Gbg1101 on lead guitar, Zillafan1998 on rhythm guitar, Kitty309257 on keyboards and Graeme0102 on drums. The band released one very well-known studio album, "Creative", and one live album, something new to the MLN Bands. The band merged with Brickin' Heart to create the supergroup, Whitebrick.


The third line-up was created in early 2011 after the break-up of Happy Glitch Day, when nearly all members from the 2 line-up came back to the MLN bands. They recorded one last album, Exile On Fake St. which included their, ironically, only Rolling Stones parody.


Wiktorsz (May–November 2010, February 2011) - Keyboards, bass, other

Gbg1101 (May–November 2010, February 2011) - Lead guitar, other

Ninja05501 (May 2010-September 2010) - Rhythm guitar, other

Zillfan1998 (September–November 2010, February 2011) - Rhythm guitar, other

Kitty309257 (September–November 2010, February 2011) - Keyboards, other

Graeme0102 (September–November 2010) - Drums, other

Masterofthemetal11 (February 2011) - Drums, other


1 line-up

The LEGO Time [Tracklisting lost]

All Bloks Must Pass (Saying No To MegaBloks) AKA Studless [Tracklisting lost]

The Brick Road [Tracklisting lost]

2 line-up


1. Not Bad*
2. Just*****
3. LEGO!*
4. Stack Up Your Bricks****
5. Three Little Bricks*
6. Heltbrick Skeltbrick***

1. Ever-Brick**
2. We Build Heroes*
3. Stack Them Now**
4. What Stays In Your Mind*
5. I Build For You*
6. Brick Me Up When September Ends**


1. The LEGO Time*
2. Give Me My Bricks*
3. Creative Build'n**
4. Studless/Always By The Model Medley*
5. Extreme Builds***
6. The Rooster*

1. Compared To You*
2. The LEGO Blues*
3. LEGO Guy***
4. The Ballad Of The Lost Imagination*
5. Creative*
6. Good Memories*

*Songs on which Wiktorsz provides lead vocal
**Songs on which Gbg1101 provides lead vocal
***Songs on which Zillafan1998 provides lead vocal
****Songs on which Graeme0102 provides lead vocal
*****Songs on which Kitty provides lead vocal

3 line-up

Exile On Fake St.

1. The Venture Explorer (Wiktorsz)
2. LEGO Dice (Wiktorsz)
3. The Building Song (MOTM)
4. Save Me From My Fakes (MOTM)
5. I Got Your Number (MOTM)
6. Tragic Song (Wiktorsz)
7. Nick Of Time (MOTM)
8. Shoeshine Johnny (MOTM)
9. Get This Mod Party Started (MOTM)
10. Trouble High, Trouble Low (MOTM)
11. Grab A Brick (Gbg1101)
12. LEGO's Not A Secret (MOTM)
13. The Unknown Sentinel (Wiktorsz)
14. My Friend (So Long (MOTM)
15. Feed The Imagination, Creation (Gbg1101)
16. Mighty Good Builder (MOTM)
17. Existence (MOTM)
18. (The Water) Won't Be Warm Eternally (Wiktorsz)
19. Faker Brains (MOTM)
20. Time Bomb (MOTM)
21. Brick Survivor (Wiktorsz)

Compilation albums and special editions

(List coming soon)

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