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ThroughMyEyes (also known as TME or TooMuchEnergy) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 30, 2012. He has the rank Gladiator, 772 posts, and over 65 likes received. As a newbie, TME was a very avid poster. However, once school started, he slowed his daily and weekly averages down by quite a bit, posting in about one or two topics. Throughout the LMB's, he helped answer questions concerning LEGO or He posted a lot in the Community Chat Forum and various roleplay subforums.



  • His username, ThroughMyEyes, is inspired by a book written by Tim Tebow.
  • TME traded with other My LEGO Network players in the MLN Trades Subforum, where he owned a shop called "Trader ™ë".
  • He once took over Peat-a-peat's topic "The Most Unique Username on the Message Boards: Second Edition", which is a weekly contest where ten judges vote for contestants on who they think has the best username, but he turned it over to TheLoneMinifigure after an argument.
  • He created a topic called "Your Username Abbreviated", which invites users to share their username, abbreviate it, and make acrostics out of it. This is where he got the name TooMuchEnergy from.

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