This page is an archive of the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information, but please do not update the post count, image, or rank.


TimeSurfer is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 6, 2001. He had the rank Inventor, 3,083 posts, and 1 stud, though at one point he had all 8.


He joined the first day the LEGO Message Boards went live, after participating in their beta testing sessions.

He was very active in the many Mindstorms Forums of the time. He was a very high-ranked user and posted very rapidly, yet never spammed. He was almost always in the top ten posters when he was active. The only people ahead of him were usually KRRouse, Forumuser, boxorboy, Nate883, Roboman8, and Littlehorn - all except boxorboy and KRRouse being posters in the Mindstorms Forums.

He last logged in on January 16, 2006. His account was lost in the 2008 update of


It is unknown if he had a signature.

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