This page is an archive of the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.

The User-Moderator Glitch was a glitch that caused users to be able to do things moderators could, such as editing and deleting posts, as well as pinning topics and adding notes. Users who experienced this glitch could also see the moderator forums, where would talk about new updates for the LEGO Message Boards, and discuss other things. Many users have experienced this glitch, including Jgenal, HQuiff, Klintrin, Legobatmankid10, Huohana, Gameking99, Crazyguy65, Satlmd, AgentMLN, Legostudios34, Drizzt421, Lego.minifig, and most recently PinguBonScott on September 19, 2012, and Arya_Elf on October 20, 2012.

No one knows how or why this glitch happens. It has not happened after the 2012 Message Boards update.


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