Yet another announcement/news blog, busy couple of days for the Wiki... Tongue Smiley-1

Anyway, we now have a third active bureaucrat in our team: AmazingPythor! Since he's often in chat and on the Wiki, you already know him well enough, so he doesn't need much of an introduction. Tongue Smiley-1 Otherwise you wouldn't have decided to have him promoted to admin and 'crat in the first place. Angry Steve

Given how Rio mentioned he'll have to leave the Wiki due to college, and how I'll eventually have to retire sometime due to my age (yes, I do realise this makes me look way older than I actually am), having him as a 'crat will hopefully secure the future of the Wiki for a few more months, at least until it dies off completely. Derp

Alright, enough of this, get back to wo- oh no wait, the mods ruined it all for us.

...I guess you can welcome him at this point, yeah. Derp

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