Been a while since our last census. The overall impression is that the number of active users here has dropped dramatically, but whether that's actually the case, we will now find out. Tongue Smiley-1 We've delayed it until now so that we can finally take into account all of the Message Boards "refugees".

If you don't know why we're doing this... Basically because of this vote, meaning that we have to know how much "50% of the community" actually is.

As per the last blog, post only one comment to show that you're on the Wiki. To help with the counting job, don't reply to other users, such replies (and redundant comments) will be deleted.

The final count will be rounded up to compensate for users on holiday and normally-active users who haven't shown up. We don't need an exact number, just a rough enough estimate.

IMPORTANT: This blog will be open/valid for 72 hours, until 08:40PM UTC on April 10. Any comment after the 72 hours will be deleted (meaning that if you post too late, you won't be counted in the census), and the blog will be locked.


Final count: 40, rounded to 45.

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