Today the admin team unanimously decided to remove recently-promoted user Veralann of his administrator rights.

This will certainly come as a shock to most of you, but the reason is very simple: We have received verifiable evidence of his intent to leak admin site material to a certain group of non-admin users. Some of the material he intended to leak contained sensitive information on a currently permablocked user which cannot be shared outside admin circles. By a blind stroke of luck, we received this evidence before Vera could have access to the site, so no information has been compromised.

The community must be able to trust the admin team with dealing with sensitive information appropriately, therefore it is paramount that all admins keep such information within the admin site. It is a simple matter of respect towards the person giving us the information. Guaranteeing the anonymity of users is a top priority, else no-one would come forward in case of a serious problem (it should also be noted that Vera was fully aware that being caught leaking information from the admin site would cost him his rights, made evident by some of his comments in the screenshots we were sent).

However, it must be clear that in case you have questions regarding a ban, block, or demotion, you're free to ask them, in PM if possible. We can never give exact details or direct quotes from the admins, but we can give you a very general overview of things.

This event is especially unfortunate considering Vera was promoted recently, and although it is generally not common practice to demote an administrator for a first offense like this, the privacy of our users is of the utmost importance; as a result, we cannot allow any chance of potential information leaks from the admin site. Thank you all for your attention.

-The Admins

UPDATE 20/03/2017: After doing a revote on the demotion while taking into consideration the compromise, and after much discussion and waiting, the admin team has decided to keep Vera demoted. This time the decision wasn't unanimous, but there was still a majority in favour of keeping his demotion.