Yes, I have returned to write yet another policy blog. Apparently, however, this one is quite necessary.

It has come to my attention that some users have been getting away with blatantly discriminatory and/or bigoted comments in chat. I was quite disappointed when I heard this, but when I read through some chat logs (which the entire admin team has looked into) I found that the comments were even grosser and more flagrant than I would have imagined.

Now, my immediate response was to ask why these people hadn't been banned. After all, such behavior is against our rules on several counts. I was told that they were hiding under the UCS clause in our policy, saying that because no one in chat at the time objected to their behavior, it was perfectly acceptable.

As the original author of UCS and an admin experienced with interpreting policy, I can assure you that UCS cannot protect the abusive behavior that has been going on. Thus, in this blog I will explain very clearly that there are certain types of behavior and comments never acceptable on LMBW, regardless of the situation.

As I wrote in my blog on moderating practices (which still applies - those of you who are mods should take note), certain behaviors warrant zero-toleration. These include:

  • Sexual harassment (which is not the topic of my current blog, but just ftr)
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Ableism
  • Any other form of discrimination or abuse

These forms of bigotry and abuse are inherently disruptive, and thus are not protected under UCS. For most users, this is perfectly easy to understand. However, some people apparently think it is fine to engage in horrendously abusive comments regardless of the policies.

Those who have engaged in such comments know who they are. I will not name names in this blog, but please be advised that such behavior in the future will most certainly not be tolerated. For those not aware of the level of abuse going on, a few examples:

  • Insensitive comments about "autistic screaming"
  • Racist jokes making fun of slaves being whipped
  • Use of transphobic slurs
  • Insensitive mockery of gay people
  • Etc.

Finally, I'd like to point out that although you may think your comments do not impact people or offend anyone, please realize that this is not the case. There are in fact people offended by this abusive behavior who are too intimidated to do anything, especially because moderators sometimes participate in the abuse. If you make such comments and are reported in the future (with evidence of your actions), you will be banned (and if you are a mod, you will be considered for demotion).


Discriminatory, abusive, and bigoted comments will not be tolerated and are not allowed under current policy. If you have made such comments or are a mod and have allowed such comments, you must stop now.

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