The LMBs are closing. This is out of nowhere, but also something that was surely expected.

Seeing how this wiki was born because of the LMBs, has content pertaining to the LMBs, and users from the LMBs, this directly affects us. As the source of our users and information becomes defunct, so will we, down the line. There are several possibilites and questions that have been fielded as to this wiki's purpose from here on out, and this blog will serve as a place to voice them.

First, we will definitely see displaced MBers join this wiki. We have yet to see how much, but their inclusion in our dynamic is important, and we should not push them away. We are, after all, the name wiki for the LMBs. I don't want us to be disparaging toward new users. Let's work on remaining a respectful and good community. If this swell of activity commences, the wiki will survive for a good chunk of time, so let's be aware of that. An idea Marcel had was that we should integrate new users here (if the quantity demands it) by making our forums into a sort of LMBs replacement. Seeing how we would no longer be an unmentionable off-site oasis for mostly retired users, but now the destination for a lot of younger users who were active the past few years on the LMBs, we might even need to reconsider rules here to accomadate them. Perhaps not on chat or the mainspace, but on this theoretical "mini MBs." And what about hosting a new forum separate from Wikia? (fandom, sorry) This is something we need to figure out. And let's not forget, Wikia (screw fandom) is officially and legally 13+. The LMBs are not. We might need to proclaim this on the front page for all these potential new users to see.

Second, what should we do with our content? The admins don't think that we should delete all the work editors have done here. It's no hassle to keep every article here, even just to gather dust. In a year or two, shall we consider renaming the wiki to, say, the "LEGO Message Boards Archive Wiki"? I personally don't see this place having an active user base at the end of, say, 2018. Can't say the same for others, but we need to figure out what we want this wiki to remain as when everyone leaves. Throw out ideas!

Third, as this closure reminds us, things don't last forever. Nor will this wiki. For instance, I don't plan on being here past the end of the year. I moved on from the LMBs, so will I move from here. And this applies to many others. At some point, we'll all move on with our lives. If general disinterest begins to show through this year, we'll have to get serious about truly shuttering this wiki as well. If enough staff here leave that there isn't a sizable administration and moderating presence, it makes sense to close down chat for good, as well as a lot of editing capabilities. Referring to earlier, we can become an archive, and solely an archive. There could still be dedicated bureaucrats/admins here for curating and anti-vandalism purposes, but this is all just speculation if we ever arrive at a point of full closure.

Anyway, let's all discuss ideas and possibilities. Thank you for your time.

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