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Wii1998 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 11, 2010. He has the rank Gladiator, 5,448 posts, and over 42 likes received.

At first he only posted in the MLN Trades subforum. There he met Ryo-757, whom he became fast friends with. Encouraged by his friendship with Ryo, he expanded to the Star Wars Roleplay Clone Wars Subforum. He was part of the "Dragon Knight HQ II" and several other Kingdoms HQs and eventually City Roleplay too. He began posting less often due to taking part in LU Beta testing. When the LU Roleplay came out and the testing over he then resumed posting. Joining the small Assembly H.Q. (which he helped keep alive until he stopped posting) he became a big part of the LURP. For a while he was deemed a "missing" user. On February 10, 2011 he announced his official retirement. He then visited in June 2011, but did not stay very long before returning to retirement

However, on September 12, 2012, he started posting again. While becoming more and more active he then stated that he would like to stay at least until his account's third anniversary, though he went inactive once again not long after.

Wii1998's Opinions

He (along with many others) firmly believes it is up to the veteran posters to guide and help the newer posters, as they are the next generation. He does, however, recognize older posters also deserve respect as they have more experience.

He does not like the spam issue that is going on. Spam to him is something that does not contribute to anything. On the other hand,he believes jokes do contribute to the atmosphere and some off-topicness should exist as they keep the forums from being boring. As long as it is followed by on-topicness, an occasional off-topic joke or conversation is okay, but in the end, he would rather have some spam and no fighting than a constant war.


  • It bothers him that his LEGO Message Boards account is not capitalized (wii1998).
  • He joined the Jedi HQ even though he prefers to be a bounty hunter.
  • Wii often likes to refer to himself in third-person.
  • He would like to be a moderator.

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