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Wiktorsz Solo Project, more commonly known as WSP, was a Solo Project started by Wiktorsz. It was around for a long time in MLN Bands. The project was signed to Brickjams Records, and later signed to Wik-Brick Records. The project has since ended since Wiktorsz's retirement.


Wiktorsz I - Wiktorsz/Brickjams Records


  1. Wanna Start Buildin'
  2. Nice Creation
  3. Why Don't You Take Some
  4. Go! Go! Go!
  5. Imperial Inspection
  6. 66 000
  7. Throwing Your Bricks Away
  8. Dream Of Them
  9. My Bricks
  10. I Am The Mod Fan
  11. Children Sing Santa Please Give Us Bricks
  12. Compared To You (Remix)
  13. Little LEGO Brick
  14. The Brick Tambourine

Wiktorsz II (The Legend Lives On) - Wiktorsz/Brickjams Records

  1. Sunshine Of Your Bricks
  2. LEGO Box
  3. Gimme Bricks
  4. Build With Your Bricks (And Stack Up Your Studs)
  5. Studeo

All songs written by Wiktorsz. All instruments played by Wiktorsz Produced by Wiktorsz. Co-Produced by BrickJams Records Ltd.

Wiktorsz Unplugged - Wik-Brick Records

  1. Heltbrick Skeltbrick
  2. Creative
  3. The Brick Road Medley
  4. The Brick Bus
  5. Drive My Brick
  6. Do Not Park Your Brick Here
  7. Save Our Souls
  8. You're Building
  9. It's Not Hard
  10. If You Want Them
  11. Fake Friday
  12. I Build For You
  13. DreamCrusher
  14. The LEGO Time
  15. Buildin' On A Prayer

Bricks Will Fall From The Sky - Wik-Brick Records

  1. Stack It
  2. Rainy Summer
  3. The Trap
  4. Studs
  5. Still Hungry
  6. 13
  7. Bricks Will Fall From The Sky
  8. Alien

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