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Wildbunchz is a moderator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 30, 2010. She has the rank Official, 10,714 posts, and 16,656 likes received. She used to be a moderator for LEGO Universe before it closed. She is quite fond of going back and forth with regular users when they ask who moderated their post so fast. She sometimes posts in the Community Chat Forum, and is known for participating in a long quote chain in the topic "Make a Profile About Yourself". She almost kept a user named Lolek4 from quitting in the Agents Forum, but she was too late. She is quite comfortable with other users, and responds to many users' posts. Wildbunchz is called many names: Calmbunchz, Tamebunchz, Funnybunchz, etc.  She also posts in the Munch Munch Cafe once in a while. She is the mother of a young girl, yet her child is too young to post on the MBs.


"Name: Wildbunchz is a nickname my dad gave my sister and I. We could be quite wild and cause some trouble.

Favorite LEGO set: There are so many I love, but the London Tower Bridge is great.

Favorite MB: LEGO DC Universe Superheroes rocks. But I have to say I like all the MBs.

Favorite Gallery: LEGO City

Hobbies: Swimming, Basketball, Surfing, Reading, Shopping, having fun with friends and family

Favorite animal: Lion

Favorite foods: Pasta"

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