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Wishsolen is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 25, 2011. He has the rank Viking, 4,938 posts, and over 153 likes received. He mainly posted in LEGO Universe Roleplay. He was a top-rated roleplayer in the Kingdoms Roleplay, having a reputation of being one of the best there. He was also previously active in the Stories of LEGO Universe forum, where his story, "Four Fools," is considered one of the greatest LU comedies to this day.


LEGO Universe Roleplay

Wishsolen was the founder of the Wizard Order and is a highly respected member of LEGO Universe Roleplay. He is great friends with Fire-Type and they have both taken lots of steps together. Fire-Type asked Wishsolen to make an evil HQ, and Wishsolen responded with the Void Empire. This is the cause of many of the wars and HQs in LEGO Universe Roleplay, although this was not meant originally. Wishsolen's characters in LEGO Universe Roleplay are:

Wise Old Man - Good.

Yea Old Hippie - Sorta good, crazy.

Emperor Zolmar - Evil, dead, but occasionally comes out of his grave to say hello.

Xerath - Truly evil, master of the Void Empire.

Kingdoms Roleplay

Wishsolen is a well-respected roleplayer in Kingdoms Roleplay, gaining a reputation as one of the best roleplayers there.

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