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Source: Your Position in the MBs Advanced

Your Position in the MBs Advanced (abbreviated as Your Position or YPITMBA) is a topic in the Community Chat Forum. It was created by Genralaustin on January 25, 2011. It has 1,528 pages and 5 likes on the first post.

When GA retired, he left control of the topic to cr9. Cr9's lists were by far the most popular, but the |_egend and /\/\aniac lists were passed onto Lego.minifig.

After The 2012 Update this topic became obsolete, because new ranks and rank requirements were set in place. In January 2015, several users debated whether or not to revive the topic. The topic has since been inactive.

How it works

The idea of the topic is that users will post updates on their post count, studs and rank. Whoever is in charge of making lists for that rank will then comply a list, in order of number of posts, with all the people in that rank that give updates once every week.

The Users doing the lists before the update were

  • Craftsman------------ Inactive
  • Artisan----------------8ObiWan88 Inactive
  • Inventor---------------- Inactive
  • Old Timer------------- Barbay1
  • Maniac---------------- Inactive
  • Legend---------------- Inactive


This topic has been made before, making this topic the third incarnation. The first one was believed to be made in late 2008, and the second in mid-2009.

The first topic was originally started by Silverpalm009, then handed to Pikmin0207. After that, the topic was locked and banned due to excessive spam. The mods said the topic would never be let up again. However, about a year later, the mods decided to give it another try and the topic was a success.


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